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Our Story

At KOODING, our team is comprised of professionals from all over the world, each with unique cultures, backgrounds, and stories. We share a love for destinations, cultures, and global products, but most importantly, we're passionate about connecting people with style. As frequent travelers and eclectic shoppers, we're always on the lookout for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products that represent our unique personalities. That's why we launched KOODING, to provide easy access to global fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands to customers in over 100 countries. We take pride in our professional merchandising team that actively analyzes the global fashion and lifestyle market to curate the most daring, edgy, and trendy products for our customers. At KOODING, we strive to offer more than just an e-commerce platform, with a strong network of global fashion lovers and influencer community, we aim to introduce fashion items that are most inspiring and talked about in the fashion community. With our ability to serve over 100 countries, we guarantee a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience.

"Our goal at KOODING is to create a community for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle enthusiasts who are always looking for the latest trends and discovering new brands from around the globe."