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Roller Quick Eyeliner
by RiRe

- A roller applicator with a wheel rolls on your skin smoothing and draws a clean, seamless eye-line
- Deep black
  - Dark and deep black color
  - The intense dark black creating a chic and clean look
- Deep brown
  - Dark and deep brown color
  - The intense dark brown creating a chic and clean look
- A sleek, edgy eye-line without a break
  A roller wheel applicator rolls along the shape of an eye shape to draw a clean eye-line without a break
- No to smudges under and side of the eyes
  The ey-lines stay on clean without smudging as if you just applied
- Easy cleansing with the easy-washable type eyeliner
  Easily washable with lukewarm water. 
- Strong water/sweat/sebum resistance
  - Highly resistant against water/sweat/sebum
  - Stays on during various sport activities (swimming pool, beach, etc.)
How to Use
- Shake the product for around 10 to 15 times before use
- Open the lid and brush the roller wheel around the entry to adjust the amount of product
- Draw the eye-line by allowing the roller wheel to roll smoothly along with the natural shape of the eye
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  • 01 Deep Black
  • 02 Deep Brown
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