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Pore Tightening Fresh Toner
by RiRe

Remove sebum and Clean Pores
- Pore care
  - Amazon white clay 
  - Ash extract
- Pore tightening
  - Castanea crenata shell 
  - Diospyros kaki leaf
- Relaxing skin
  - Tea tree extract
- Moisturizing 
  - Aloe vera leaf 
  - Camellia sinensis leaf
Did you know?
- Increased blackheads due to excess sebum in pores
- Widened pores due to old blackheads
- Dark skin due to widened pores
- Tough skin due to widened pores and blackheads
Sebum control toner
- Excessive oil
- Excess sebum
- Widened pores
- Remove sebum
- Stimulate sebaceous glands
7 effects with one bottle
- Balancing sebum
- Relaxing skin
- Moisturizing
- Nourishing
- Blackhead removal
- Sebum removal
- Pore tightening
People who need to use this toner
- Those that are concerned about blackhead and whiteheads
- Those that are concerned about excessive sebum
- Those that are concerned about widened pores
- People whose makeup is easily removed due to oil
- Those with lifeless skin
3 step pre care
- Clean dirty pores
  - White clay and volcanic ash extract absorb blackheads, whiteheads and various wastes in pores and clean pores
- Tight pores where various wastes are removed
  - Castanes crenata shell extract and Dispyros kaki leaf extract effective for pore care tight empty pores where wastes are removed
- Calming effect for sensitive skin
  -Tea tree, aloe vera leaf, green tea, lavender extract supplies nourishment and moisture to pores and calms sensitive pores
How to Use
- Wash your face cleanly
- Soak a cotton pad with toner
- Wipe your face from the inside to the outside
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