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Miracle Marine Collagen Set

Miracle Marine Collagen For Face Eye Cream

Recommended Use
- Drooping eyelid
- Bags under eyes
- Smile lines
- Aging skin
- Sensitive skin
- Dry skin
Amazing Effect of Powerful Ingredients
- Improve eyelin
- Dry skin care
- Hydration
- No bluey
- Protective barrier
- Entire face safe
Additional Use Tips
- Replace your orgindary lip balm
For face eye cream can replace your lip balm and work as a great lip mask. Apply on your chapped lips and leave it on for 3 minutes. 
- Create resilience on your neck
Starting from the bottom, apply the cream upward and create resilience and elasticity on aging neck line
- Use it on your forehead
Starting from the middle toward both ends, apply adequate amount for vital appearance
- Smile line care
No more refraining from smiling. Apply the cream from bottom to top and reclaim your beautiful smile. 

Miracle Marine Collagen Concentrate Eye Cream

Anti-wrinkle, whitening,and hydration!
Amazing Effect of Powerful Ingredients
- Whitening and nourishment 
- Anti-wrinkle and elasticity
- Hypoallergenic test completed
- Hydration and Elasticity
- Tightening and hydration
- Soothing and hydration
- Remove dead skin cells and residues
- Absorption 
Miracle Marine Collagen Cleansing Toner
Recommended Use
- Simple 1 step cleansing
- Increase moist and decrease skin oil
- Cleanse and remove sebum and pore residues
- Replace oil cleansing for makeup
- Hypoallergenic cleansing for sensitive skin types
- Maintain smooth and silky look after cleansing
Hypoallergenic 1 Step Cleansing Toner
- Light and crisp cleansing
- Refreshing
- Hydration
- Waterproof makeup removal
- Hypoallergenic cleansing
- Eye makeup removal
Acid Balanced Natural Toner
- Morning toner
 Refreshing, restore pH balance, hydration leading to natural vitality
- Final step after cleansing after wash
Gently cleanse and remove makeup reside along with dead skin cells and sebum
- Calming and soothing toner
Apply generous amount of toner on cotton pad and place above sensitive skin area for calming and soothing effect
3 Step Skincare Solution
- Step 1: volcanic Detox
Volcanic ash extract: attracts and remove dead skin cells and residues
- Step 2: premium spa water
Italian spring water: calms and soothes while deeply hydrating
- Step 3: miracle marine lifting
Marine collagen: nourish to restore elasticity
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