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Lucent White Tone-up Cream
by RiRe

- A tone-up cream that naturally brightens the skin to a healthy complexion
- Instant brightening effects
- Real whitening
- Lively and healthy pink tone
- Dewy skin full of moisture
- Rosy freshness
- Moisturizing
Recommended if…
- You want to tone your skin without thick and cakey makeup
- You are concerned about a dull and patchy complexion
- You want a long term toning effect instead of a temporary cover-up
- You want a confident and bright face
- You want a silky skin texture
The end to a dull skin tone
  - An instant brightening effect, whenever and wherever
No cakey base makeup
  - A real whitening effect that naturally brightens the skin from the inside
Extracts from natural ingredients help boost your confidence in your face with a rosy tone up effect
  - Calamine powder, hibiscus sabdariffa flower extract, melia azadirachta leaf extract
Whitening cream with cotton extracts that retain the moisture on the skin while giving it a satin finish
How to Use
- Can be used on neck, leg, elbow, and ankle bones
- For the naked face
  At the end of the skincare routine
- As a makeup base
  Lucent white tone up cream then the Base makeup
- For the body
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