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Like I'm 5 Set
by Like I'm 5

Like I'm 5
it is a brand that embodies our commitment to start everything at the child’s eye level, pure, gentle & simple.

It is our commitment to create a 'pure product‘.

The newest pure & gentle skincare for newborn to adult.
Developed with Eugene, former member of a K-pop group SES,
a former anchor host of “Get it beauty” TV program (top beauty program in Korea), now a caring mother of a daughter. 

Like I’m 5 is EWG grade, Animal Testing Free

- To make it easy to understand, "all ingredients are simplified" with minimal ingredients.
- Mild cosmetics used together by baby and mother (slightly acid pH)
- Prescription of EWG ALL GREEN (0 ~ 2) grade
- Safe 5-Free formula for super sensitive skin (parabens, mineral oil, artificial coloring, artificial fragrance, animal raw material, etc.)
- Exclusion of hazardous substances such as sterilization components / Good cosmetics without animal experiments
- Skin irritation test completed / Proceeding of German dermatological test
- Preservation system derived from nature (confirming availability of food grade preservative and non-GMO raw materials)

Top to Toe Foaming Wash
- Mild top to toe bubble wash containing ingredients from nature.
- Simple and easy cleansing from the head to the tip of the foot with rich and dense foam like fresh cream!

All Day Calming Cream
- Face and body lotion with a minimum of all ingredients prescribed.
- Easily applied and absorbed quickly, it calms sensitive skin and keeps moisturizing for a long time.

Healing Oil Balm
- A soft texture moisturizing oil balm melts by body temperature.
- The deep moisturizing power of vegetable oil prevents the moisture evaporation of the skin and maintains the moisture, thus enhancing the healthy skin barrier.

Mild Sunscreen
- Sensitive skin can be used with an easy mind.
- Sun cream for blocking ultraviolet rays.
- It protects the skin with a moist and moisturizing effect because it is formulated with a UV-shielding ingredient with less burdened on the skin.

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