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Intimate Mist & Cleanser Set
by allongs

Intimate Mist

Allongs, a cosmetic brand that pursues beauty as a whole- cleanliness, sanitation, and health, has launched the ‘Allongs Intimate Mist’, a mist-type sanitizer for delicate parts of the body. The ‘Allongs Intimate Mist’ maintains the pH level of delicate areas and eliminates abnormal reasons that cause odor and abnormal secretion. It also creates an environment where bacteria cannot grow. For men, it lowers humidity and cools to prevent odor and itchiness from harmful virus in advance, prevent skin troubles and alleviate skin pigmentation due to itchiness. It protects both men and women from internal/external influences. ‘Allongs Intimate Mist’ is a unisex cleanser specialized for the delicate zone, that helps maintain a healthy condition at all times.

- Maintains women’s original normal pH balance
- Prevents odors of intimate zone, arm pit, and feet
- Alleviates chronic itchiness caused by sweat
- Best to use frequently on a daily basis with all-natural ingredients like green tea, sophora root, and calendula flower.
- Compact design ideal for purses and travel
- Mist-type intimate zone cleanser that doesn’t need to be washed with water

How to Use:

Spray moderate amount of Allongs Intimate Mist on concerned areas about 3-5 times and wipe with tissue or leave it on. Use it frequently after using the restroom, during menstruation, camping, and long flights.

Intimate Cleanser

Allongs, a cosmetic brand that pursues the completion of cleanliness, sanitation, and beauty, has launched the ‘Allongs Intimate Cleanser’, a gel-type gentle cleanser. This cleanser contains aloe vera leaf extract, for gentle and effective cleaning. The natural vegetable moisturizing ingredients soothe and prevents odor and itchiness with excellent anti-inflammatory and sterilization effects. It is a gel-type product that you can conveniently use in the shower. For optimal results pair with our portable cleanser, ‘Allongs Intimate Mist’.

- Cares for the secret zone cleanly and hygienically with antibiotic ingredients, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, and soothing effects
- Maintains the original pH balance of women in weak acid conditions
- Eliminates odors of the secret zone and prevents itchiness
- Gentle, effective cleaning with natural ingredients: green tea, sophora root, and calendula flower

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