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Fork Eyebrow Tint
by RiRe

- Expression of more natural eyebrows
- 4 tip brush
- Color that lasts up to 8 days with a single use
- Waterproof
- Oil proof
- Sweat proof
- Uses the tanning method to cause less irritations
- Rich in nutritious extracts
- Gray brown
- Dark brown
- Light brown
How does hypoallergenic tanning method work?
- With this method, your skin is not dyed with artificial coloring
- It is tanning the homy layer and change colors
- It minimizes the irritation to your skin
- The color returns to your normal hair color following a skin turnover cycle
- Don’t have to worry about your skin
How to Use
- Before you go to bed, wash your face then dry it
- Before applying skin care products, groom your eyebrows and draw eyebrows with the product in one direction
- When you wake up the next day, just wash it off and you will have perfect tattooed eyebrows
Please check it before use
- After washing your face make sure your face is dry. Apply the product before skin care
- Also, wipe off any oil on eyebrows
- If you reapply in 2-7 days, eyebrows will last longer
- If you want to change the shape, within 3 minutes of application, us a Q-tip to erase them
- If you have impurities on your eyebrows, wipe them off with a wet wipe
- Be sure to close the cap after use
- Nymphaea alba flower extract
- Ginkgo biloba nut extract
- Morus alba fruit extract
- Pomegranate extract
- Ficus carica fruit extract
- Nelumbo nucifera flower extract
- Prunus serrulata flower extract
- Camellia japonica flower extract
- Rose extract
- Illicium verum fruit extract
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  • 01 Gray Brown
  • 02 Dark Brown
  • 03 Light Brown
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