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Bubi Bubi Face
by unpa.


Make perfect skin for makeup with Bubi Bubi Face

Recommended to whom:

- Worried about dull skin tone
- Having a flasky skin after makeup due to dead skin cells
- Need mild soft skin peeling
- Want to manage pores and dead skin at the same time

Product Description

- unpa's secret bubble peeling recipe. Transformation from gel to bubble softens dead skin and unclog pores. It makes hypoallergenic care available.
- Dual care for dead skin and pores with soft bubble Gommage peeling. Transformation from bubble pack to gommage peeling removes dead skin. Just by rubbing smoothly, you can unclog pores and wastes in it.
- Contains natural ingredients like pineapple, papaya, and witch hazel. Natural ingredients for peeling soften dead skin, and Oat extract help moisturizing skin after.

7 No Recipe

- No paraben
- No Phenoxyethanol
- No ethanol
- No silicone
- No triethanolamine
- No mineral oil
- No benzophenone

How To Use

1. Soak dead skin by tepid water or steamed towel and dry moisture.
2. Pump enough, and spread all over face excluding eye and mouth area.
3. Enjoy bubble pack for about 3-5 minutes until bubble has died down and dead skin has been softened.
4. After bubble has died down compeletely, rub smoothly for cellulose to push out from the dead skin.
5. Wash with tepid water, and apply toner.
*Please be sure to wait until bubble die down, before rubbing face

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