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Anti Ingrown Hair Spray & Conditioning Aloe Gel (100ml) Set
by allongs

Anti Ingrown Hair Spray

Heal and soothe skin after hair removal!

Allongs, a cosmetic brand that pursues the completion of cleanliness, sanitation, and beauty, has launched the ‘Allongs Anti Ingrown Hair Spray.’ Natural ingredients heal ingrown hair and prevent them from reoccurring.

- For women and men to use after shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, threading
- Effective care to soothe skin and care for hair follicles after hair removal
- Removes dirt and sweat from pores for a deep clean
- Prevents pigmentation and protects skin from discoloration
- Softens dead skin cells to be cleaned easily from pores
- Natural ingredients witch hazel, allantoin, arnica flower soothe and protect skin
- Can be used anywhere on the body

Aloe Gel

‘Allongs Aloe Gel” not only provides the function given by previous aloe products such as moisturizing and skin-soothing properties, but is also a groundbreaking product for post-waxing treatment, that improves the pigmentation on your skin and prevents ‘in-grown hairs’ after waxing. In addition, it not only alleviates redness after waxing, but it makes the skin silky soft. Only organic aloes are used in this product so that people with atopic disease or even children can use this product without any side effects. As it provides an excellent soothing effect and moisture to skin, users will wake up in the morning with moist skin after applying the night before.

- Those who suffer from in-grown hairs after shaving armpits and legs on a daily basis
- Youths and adults stressed with acne problems
- Men with sensitive skin who suffer from stinging and redness caused by facial shaving on a daily basis
- Children and adults with atopic disease
- Those who suffer from sun-burn skin during vacation season
- Those whose skin lacks moisture due to frequent tanning
- Those who’ve received laser treatment (epilation, regeneration, etc.)

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