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Luxe Eyelash Essence
by RiRe

- Richer and shinier eyelashes with nutrients and moisture supply deep in the roots of eyelashes
- Make short and weak eyelashes longer and richer
- More effective eyelash care with a specialized brush
- For both mascara and essence
- Twice a day
- Apply for strong and elastic eyelashes
- Even to every part of eyelashes with 2 brushes
- Apply contents to eyelashes more meticulously and effectively
How to Use
- After cleansing in the morning or at night, starting from the root of eyelashes apply it carefully
- Apply it eve to the roots of eyelashes with meticulous tip
Beauty Tip
- For both mascara and essence
If apply eyelash essence before the use of mascara
- Used as transparent mascara
When you want natural eyelashes, it can make curl-up effect with its coating
Main Ingredients
- Black bean extract
Make healthier eyelashes by supplying nutrients and moisture
- Black sesame extract
Make healthier eyelashes by supplying nutrients and moisture
- Elastin
Make more elastic and stronger eyelashes with flexible protein
- Peptide
Element to strengthen Keratin composing eyelashes gives elasticity and silky shine
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