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EX Signal Control Mask Set (10EA)
by Celltweet

Celltweet - My First Skin Messenger
We research & develop "Signals from our Skin" and present the solution for your natural beauty and brilliance.
Benefit - Cosmeceutical Skincare Sheet Mask
- Microfiber sheet mask for improved adhesion
- 150 times finer
- Exceptional permeability
- Soft and comfortable
- Hypoallergenic test completed
- Cosmeceutical treatment for dry, itchy, eczema, atopy-related skin troubles
- Abundance of hydrating cream mask
- Patented hydrating agent aquaseal
- Nutrients similar to skin lipids
- Hydration/calming
- Protection/hydration  
- Similar to skin lipids protection/immunize
- Repair/anti-aging
Main Nutrients
- ASC-Exosome, Adipose Tissue Stromal Cells
- Stem-cell technology derived stimulating cell messengers
- Fructan (Hydration/Calming)
- Panthenol (Protection/Hydration)
- Ceramide NP (Similar to skin lipids protection/Immunize)
- Peptide (Repair/Anti-aging)
Good For Skin Type
- Itchy skin
- Eczema, atopy skin types
- Sensitive skin types
- Uneven skin pigments
- Excessive dry skin
How To Use
- Apply toner after cleansing
- Tear open the pouch and place the sheet mask evenly onto your face
- Remove the mask after 10 to 20 minutes and gently tap your skin for leftover essence absorption
- Tip: it is better to apply celltweet ex signal control cream after removal of the mask. 
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